St Marys Un iversity CRNA 2013? - page 5

Anyone else here apply to SMU for the 2013 CRNA class?... Read More

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    congrats etherbunny!

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    I havent gotten anything yet, considering she said I'd find out by the 4th my only assumption is that I will get it in the mail tomorrow, all day I was anxious and now I'm in NJ at the beach and I can't even get my mail! Ughh congrats on your acceptance btw!
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    Thanks. I would think you would get it at least by tomorrow. The waiting is nerve racking.
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    I'm hoping I'm dyingggg right now lol
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    Accepted! See you there!
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    Congratulations!!! That's awesome
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    Anyone else get accepted out there? I know there just cant be 2 of us ? lol
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    Hey Da_Milk_of_Amnesia, in response to your last post, I was also accepted into the Saint Marys CRNA class for 2013 so that makes 3 of us lol. Congrats on your acceptance. Have you started the housing search yet?
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    I'm waitlisted. How long did they give you guys to accept the spot?
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    Hey I got in too. Ive started looking at housing but since I am in GA its a little difficult. Are yall from the area?

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