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Anyone else here apply to SMU for the 2013 CRNA class?... Read More

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    Has anyone heard anything yet? I figured that we would know by now.

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    Nope, nothing yet. They said they were making decisions that week (i had my interview on 6/12) and that we would know in the next week or so. So chances are I'm betting we find out this week or next. She said to me that if I don't hear anything by July 4th then call because something got lost in the mail.
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    I haven't received anything yet either. I keep checking this forum everyday to see if anyone else has.
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    Anybody else now have a Invalid status when trying to check status?
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    That's what I get too.
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    Well Ive been checking everyday after my interview and this is the first time I've gotten this message, so although this is purely speculation heres what I think...1 we either all suck and none of us got in or 2 we all got in and hopefully we will all be seeing each other sometime soon or 3 it absolutely means nothing and we continue to bite our nails for the next week. Lol
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    Got my letter...4 on the alternate list. If they get to me, I hope it happens quickly so I can make plans with enough time left before class starts.
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    Well hey that is better than most people did I am sure!. Even if they dont get to you, the person i interviewed with said that the first 5 on the alternate list get admissions in the following year ? Either way, congrats to you, hope for good things and see what happens! I still didn't get anything in the mail but im also all the way out in NY, im kinda really anxious this is almost as bad as the 48 hours of hell s/p taking the NCLEX !
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    Yeah the anticipation is the worst part. Oh, the letter does say that I am in for 2014 if they don't make it to me this year. Good luck to everyone.
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    I got my acceptance letter today. I live in Oregon btw. Anyways, I'm super excited and now its time to start getting everything in order, moving, financial aid etc.

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