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Anyone else here apply to SMU for the 2013 CRNA class?... Read More

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    Skip, are you a recent grad?

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    Hi, I attended a few years ago. Good luck on your interview.
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    I had my interview today for SMU. It was over the phone, I live in Oregon. It was pretty casual like others have posted. They did give me a scenario at the end and asked me a few questions about what interventions I would do. Overall I think I did ok for my first interview, I have room for improvement though.
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    Just had my interview, there were no clinical questions in my interview. The mostly talked about the program and the interview lasted 30 min.
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    Just had my interview which lasted an hour with an easy clinical scenario. The scenario was really easy for me due to prior working experiences. However, overall it was fairly standard, laid back type deal, Good luck to everyone else !
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    I had mine back on May 14. Like everyone else, my interview was laid back and they gave me a scenario at the end. I think I did ok. I definitely could have done better though. We'll see.
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    I can't remember how far into June the interviews go but I remember being told we would find out if we got accepted around the end of June or early July
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    That's what I was told also. Pretty sure the last interview was on June 12.
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    My Interview was June 12th, and I was told that they would be making decision next week (which is now this week) and that we should definitely know by July4th and that if you did not hear something either way then something got lost in the mail. Good luck to everyone !
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