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  1. Any RRNAs from TWU? Can you share tips on where to live in fort worth? What laptop are you, or most students are using, PC or macbook pro/air? Thanks. I heard it's finals week, good luck.
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  3. by   paramurse

    It doesn't really matter which platform you choose. I bought a Mac Air prior to starting school and it's been a great purchase thus far. You'll take all of your exams on your own computer via a special browser that's available for either platform. If you choose a Mac I would suggest you buy the Microsoft Office suite just for guaranteed compatibility with the instructors' notes. (You can purchase it from the campus library for a discount once you're a student.) As far as needing a CD/DVD drive for school, it hasn't been an issue yet; thumb drives and Dropbox work just fine.

    All the best to you in August.
  4. by   commonsense
    I've seen some post about the CRNA program through Texas Wesleyan, any current students want to give out any important information that can't be easily found online.
  5. by   gwapo
    Their cost of attendance is low, i least compared to one other school i know. So if you don't have any other financial support, you'll be on a very tight budget. Although on the bright side, you wont end up with a huge debt.