SRNAs from Texas Wesleyan

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    Any RRNAs from TWU? Can you share tips on where to live in fort worth? What laptop are you, or most students are using, PC or macbook pro/air? Thanks. I heard it's finals week, good luck.

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    It doesn't really matter which platform you choose. I bought a Mac Air prior to starting school and it's been a great purchase thus far. You'll take all of your exams on your own computer via a special browser that's available for either platform. If you choose a Mac I would suggest you buy the Microsoft Office suite just for guaranteed compatibility with the instructors' notes. (You can purchase it from the campus library for a discount once you're a student.) As far as needing a CD/DVD drive for school, it hasn't been an issue yet; thumb drives and Dropbox work just fine.

    All the best to you in August.
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    I've seen some post about the CRNA program through Texas Wesleyan, any current students want to give out any important information that can't be easily found online.
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    Their cost of attendance is low, i least compared to one other school i know. So if you don't have any other financial support, you'll be on a very tight budget. Although on the bright side, you wont end up with a huge debt.

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