SIUE CRNA Interview for Spring 2011 Admission

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    I was wondering if anyone else had applied to SIUE CRNA (Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville) program for the Spring 2011 term. Has anyone received an interview letter? I know interviews will be held September 10, but wanted to see if anyone knew any more about the admission process, what to expect or anything about the program that might be helpdful. Any advice from current students would help as well. Thanks!

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    They might ask why u want in there program, no abgs u willbe given a senario and asked what it is and how to treat it... Remember Rome respiratory is opposite metabolic is equal.. What are your strenghths and weaknesses.. Some people were given a fluid management question ie u get a surgical pt back to icu who has frank bleeding into cath and is hypotensive and tachy. What do u do? Go prepared with a business portfolio and in a suit.. Google words to describe an anesthetist... There is a site out there that can give many words to use in the interview. Good luck
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    You might want to post this on the CRNA, Pre-CRNA, or Student CRNA section. Good luck.
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    Thanks for the advice/tips...Canchaser, If you are a student in the program, do you have to travel very far to clinicals? Were you able to choose what hospitals to have clincials at or were they assigned? Do you live in e'ville or surrounding? Thanks

    I did repost to the Pre_CRNA forum.. hope to start a thread there as well.
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    Just got an interview letter in the mail today. Looks like it will be a 20 min 'writing' portion, an overview of the program and then 3 sessions of interviews with professors and crnas.... Does anyone have any idea what the writing portion will cover?
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    How is everyone preparing for the interview?
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    just preparing for basic questions (why do you want to be a crna etc.) and reading up on drugs etc. ......Anyone have input on the writing portion that will take place?
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    No...I was wondering about that too. I know it's essay format but that is about it. Anyone know how big the class sizes are there? Like hoe many people they accept per year. I looked all over the website & couldn't find any info on class size. I wish I knew more about what they will ask in the interview! Don't like this unknown!
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    I think i remember it being a bit larger, 30 or so.. hopefully the writing portion will be self-explainatory, good luck tomorrow!
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    Hope everyone had a good interview Friday. Did anyone ask when they will send letters to say who is accepted?

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