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Hello all I have been searching for any information on the University of Scranton/ Wyoming Valley's Nurse Anesthesia program and cannot find any recent posts. Does anyone know anything about this program or interview process? ... Read More

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    When does anyone expect we'll hear from Scranton?!?!

    Jazy, that's great your still in the running for a spot Where else did you apply??

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    I applied to Scranton and Excela only. Hopefully one of them might be positive. I feel you are in a very good position.When do we expect to hear from Scranton?
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    Did anyone hear from Scranton? I got the call on Monday from the program director telling me I have been accepted. Has anyone else on hear heard?!?!?!?!? I hope I hear back from some classmates
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    Congrats Jack! Am excited for you. I am just waiting for my small slip in the mail. You know what i mean. But at least you freeing up some space @ the other school. Good luck and well done.
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    Thanks, Jazy. Have you been accepted anywhere yet? I hope so!
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    So I interviewed in October and got accepted and decided to attend. I noticed that there is an option to start some classes this spring term... are any of those classes offered on-line? Thanks!
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    Looks like we'll be classmates

    I'm from Kansas City so I won't be able to take any classes in the spring, and I'm about 99% positive none are offered online.

    PM me if you can, where are you from?
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    I forgot to ask you when you was your interview date? I interviewed Oct 8th at 12pm.

    Jazy - Have you been accepted anywhere yet??
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    Yeah no online classes I am from AZ originally but have been living and working in Provo for the last 7 years. What part of KC are you from? I've been out that way and lived in Lenexa for a few months
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    I get all my interviews mixed up, I think I was there Oct 22nd at 12???

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