Rutgers CRNA 2018 - page 2

Has anyone heard from Rutgers regarding interviews yet?... Read More

  1. by   laurendoylern
    How were you interviews!? Did anyone else interview this past Thursday/Friday!?
  2. by   Iceseeyou
    Did anyone hear back yet? I was placed on the waitlist.
  3. by   laurendoylern
    I was wait listed too! Do you know how many they place in this list!?
  4. by   james11417
    Did they email you or send a letter? My interview was horrible so I'm expecting a denial, but heard nothing yet.
  5. by   laurendoylern
    I received an email on Wednesday.
  6. by   Snek
    I was also waitlisted.....
  7. by   Guneet
    Hi James I also interviewed on Nov 16 and didn't hear anything either. You can email me at, we can discuss questions if you are interested.