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  1. Rutgers CRNA 2024

    Hey guys, just wanted to throw this post out there to get things started. I applied and just waiting to hear back. Good luck to everyone who applied.
  2. Rutgers CRNA 2023

    Applied. I didn't see a topic for 2023. I'm waiting to hear back for interviews. Anybody else?
  3. Rutgers CRNA 2021

    Starting this topic for those who applied to Rutgers CRNA program to start 2021. I applied this year, for my second time. I do not believe invites for interviews have gone out yet but we can talk about updates here. ?
  4. Rutgers CRNA 2022

    Hey! Anyone applied for Rutgers CRNA program 2022 start? Let's chat here. ?
  5. Rutgers CRNA 2018

    Has anyone heard from Rutgers regarding interviews yet?
  6. Rutgers CRNA 2019

    Hello, Has anyone else applied to Rutgers for the CRNA program starting May 2019?
  7. Rutgers CRNA 2020

    Anyone apply to Rutgers University CRNA DNP program to begin 2020? Here are my stats in case anyone wants to compare: 3 years experience Shock Trauma ICU in level 1 trauma center 3.7GPA, 4.0Science GPA CCRN, TCRN, PALS, ACLS 30+ C...

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