Rosalind Franklin 2012 Start

  1. Just wondering if anyone out there has been accepted into Rosalind Franklin's CRNA program starting Spring of 2012, or has been put on the waitlist?
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  3. by   avillam2
    I was offered a seat for Spring 2012. How about you?
  4. by   dzeyrn
    I was offered a seat too. When were you interviewed?
  5. by   avillam2
    @ dzeyrn: congrats with the acceptance! I was interviewed on the 24th of last month. How about you?
  6. by   dzeyrn
    @avillam2: congratulations to you too. I was interviewed last August 20th. Are coming from out of state?
  7. by   avillam2
    @dzeyrn: That's awesome. I'm from Chicago actually. I work at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. I know another person from my hospital got accepted. Do you know how many students they admitted this year?
  8. by   dzeyrn
    That's great. I'm from Michigan. I work at Henry ford hospital in Detroit. I Heard they interviewed 28 applicants and will be taking 25 but I could be wrong. I have another interview at a school here. If I get accepted, I would have to weigh things but I do like RFUMS. Are for sure going to RFU?
  9. by   avillam2
    Oh ok. That's odd, I thought they interviewed more. hrrmm.. i don't know.
    I really like RFUMS. The staff are great and it seems that they have an intimate relationship with their students to ensure they succeed.
    Anyways, I'm waiting to hear from Mayo, Minnesota, and Boston. I had a phone interview/counseling session with Kaiser Permanente, but they don't even start doing face to face interview till March, which at that time, RFUMS have already started... So I'm not sure about the school. I'd at least like to interview with the other programs to get a feel for the school and the staff. Mayo seems to have lost my documents. lol, so I've been communicating with the program representative.
    Good luck with your next interview! =) Keep me updated. Here's my email, KIT in case we're future classmates.
  10. by   dzeyrn
    I mean 48 applicants were interviewed. typo lol.. I agree that the staff are accommodating and friendly. The students seemed to be happy about the program. I actually felt good after the interview. But of course it is good to have options... wow that's a lot of school that you applied to. Wish you luck with your interviews and application... You also keep me posted if you decided to join RFUMS..
  11. by   jenwil52
    dzeyrn: How did your other interview go? Have you made a school decision or still waiting to hear from other schools?
  12. by   dzeyrn
    jenwil52: It went well and I got accepted. Now I have to decide between the two schools at the end of this week. How about you? Are you attending RFUMS?
  13. by   jenwil52
    That is my plan. I don't know anyone who is set on going yet, just a handful still trying to decide.
  14. by   jenwil52
    dzeym: Have you made any decisions on schools yet? You were from out of state, correct? If going to RF, where were you thinking about living? One of the close apartments or on campus?