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My "young and dumb" days are finally catching up to me... :banghead: I'll save you all the gory details and just get to the point: A&PI- B A&PII- C Microbiology- C All were taken... Read More

  1. by   missnurse01
    oh sicu, you have me bowing my head down..I am just a simple person with dreams! lol

    I try to tell people all the time that want to go on that they just need to take that first step, that first class. That time will pass no matter what you do, so you might as well start chipping away at classes and requirements, if you wait till you can take a ton at a time, then you will wait forever.

    continued good luck to you!
  2. by   Jaelle625

    Coursera? I briefly looked into what it entailed. Care to elaborate? It looks as though its college courses without the college credit? Would you recommend supplementing grad level classes with some courses from coursera? I've been skimming Dr. Najeebs lectures and love them. Thanks for the insight!
  3. by   missnurse01
    hey Jaelle,

    I am taking the human phys through them right now. You can get a certificate which means nothing at schools if you wish to by taking their tests. It has been a great review so far. If you are already taking grad level classes, then what they have will probably be too little.

    I have been watching a ton of Dr. Najeeb. I can't imagine that they won't be helpful. I am going through all of the resp lectures, on about the 8th one. I went ahead and paid for the 2 years for 99 bucks cause it sure seemed like a great deal. I laugh as I learn things I never could figure out in the ICU - like why hyperventilation leads to low i-cal. We often couldn't figure out why our i-cal's were low!

    You would probably still enroll in the human phys class if you haven't had one recently, I haven't had one in 8 years. I am still prob going to do med chem and mammalian phys thru vcu at 200 a pop before school starts. Just really busy now.

  4. by   Scooby-Dooby-Doo
    So I'm a graduating senior BSN student (non-RN) and I have the option from my university to have a maximum of 12 semester units/credits of upper division or graduate-level classes taken during the final semester of my senior year before graduation as post-baccalaureate credit since I have accumulated enough credits overshooting the mnimum required amount to graduate.
    I'm still an undergraduate student, but I signed up to take a graduate level pharmacology class (will be my second pharmacology class) and an upper level pathophysiology class (this will be my 3rd pathophysiology class out of my total undergrad education), and I decided to use those 2 classes as post-baccalaureate credit (not to be included in my bachelor's degree but afterwards). Do you think this is an okay idea for CRNA schools or should I include the graduate class and pathophysio class with my BSN?
  5. by   missnurse01
    Having the courses as grad level rather than undergrad is probably most important. They seem to like to see that you can handle grad level sciences well before tackling CRNA school.
  6. by   rsfern34
    naptime14, it seems I am in the same boat you were in... where did you take your grad level courses at? Not sure how to go about finding the right school.