Preparing for boards 2014

  1. Hi guys, wondering if any of you taken CRNA board in 2014?
    i am planning to seat for mine in March, currently doing the sweat book and MM, plus CC.
    i am opening this thread to share about study material, resources to stay focus etc.
    good luck to everyone.
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  3. by   OrlandoFLNurse2b
    I took boards earlier this month and passed in 100. Regarding preparation, I gave myself ~3 weeks to prepare, I completed Prodigy's weekly lessons and 10/14 simulation exams. I took one of the CC practice exams and their equipment exam. Also, I went to the Valley review course, read sweat book and read what I thought was pertinent topics in MM e.g., CV, peds, OB, Geri, equipment, regional, etc.

    Ultimately, boards wasn't that bad. I really think it's awful simply because of all the hype that surrounds it i.e., cost of anesthesia education, can't work until I pass in most states, stigma from not passing, etc. I read a letter that another program director wrote to their students and it really helped me stay calm while studying. In that letter, it read that the test is not difficult, but studying for the test is difficult. I agree with that statement. Anyway, stay focused and keep studying, but ultimately, you just got to suck it up, schedule the test date and go for it. Good luck!