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    I'm in my first year as a new nurse, BSN prepared. I'm setting myself up for ICU soon and eventually applying to CRNA programs. I've heard through the grapevine that programs require/like applicants to take a statistics class and a graduate level pathophysiology class. Any truth to this? Should I go ahead and look for an online class now and just get it out of the way? Any personal recommendations on which university to go through to take these online classes, if required? Any other classes I've missed? Thanks everyone.

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  3. by   Class2011
    The prerequisites vary and you will need to narrow down your search to determine what courses are needed

    They won't require graduate level anything, but some students take a few graduate level courses to enhance their application
  4. by   loveanesthesia
    Each program is unique, I know that very few require a graduate pathophys, but some probably do. An undergrad stats class is a common requirement, many people with a BS degree will already have that. Really need to look at the programs individually.
  5. by   Riversurfer
    Thanks you two. I will look into it. Last statistics class I took was back in '98, so I'll take that one again. Besides, I just love school, and the challenge.