Please help! Have a onsite vs. online BSN dilemma

  1. Can anyone give me some good advise regarding choosing a BSN program that maximises my chances of getting into a CRNA program? I have been planning to go trough UT Austin's RN BSN bridge program and then applying to TCU and TWU but recently a Texas Tech official came to our program offering a 12 month online BSN through Texas Tech! This would save me about 6 months of wait time between when I get my ADN and start working in the ICU and when I can apply to my CRNA program. MY problem is that since my accelerated ADN program is an online lecture onisite lab-clinical program, this would make ALL of my lecture online for the entire ADN-BSN path. I need to know if this is ok or if CRNA programs prefer that you get your BSN onsite at a major university rather than online. Any advise? I sure don't want to get out 6 months faster only to find out that I can't get an interview because they don't like my choice of BSN programs.
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  3. by   TraumaNurse
    First, I don't thing it matters as long as the programs are NLN accredited. Most schools won't even ask whether your degree is online or not. That said though, I would call TCU and TWU and ask them specifically. Better safe than sorry! There are several CRNA programs that are offering more courses online. I am actually taking 2 of my graduate courses online this semester. Good luck.
  4. by   CRNA010
    Hey TraumaNurse,

    Can you tell me which programs your talking of that are allowing some of the CRNA courses to be taken online? I have yet to hear of such a thing as I thought the whole program was very indepth like 40+ hrs a week of lecture and clinicals in a traditional setting. I personally prefer working classes on my own and enjoy my now online studies before getting into my core classes and clinicals for my RN.

  5. by   TraumaNurse

    The schools I know for sure are Villanova, UMDNJ (my program), and Drexel. There are 8 schools listed on the AANA website that have been approved for having distance education.
    That said, I must clarify that I am talking about core nursing courses and not anesthesia classes. The core nursing courses are manditory for the MSN and many universities offer at least some of these courses via the web.
    I think you will find more schools allowing at least some of the credits to be done via distance ed/online learning. The anesthesia classes are different and I would not want to be learning that stuff totally on my own! (although there is always a lot of independent learning above what they teach you in class!). You can check with the universities you are interested in and see if they offer some of the graduate classes online. Good luck.
  6. by   KerrBear05
    Hi Jimmy:

    Your "online" degree paperwork should have no mention that you received that degree online. (And, receiving it online makes it no less valuable!) When I got my AS online, there was no mention of it when I presented my transcript to the unversity where I attained my BSN--and, they transferred all the credits from that online school without question. Also, as I have been investigating online MSN programs (esp. searching for online CRNA programs) I have been told by many schools that a school receiving a student with a degree from an online university isn't told that the degree was received "online"--only that you received your degree. But as someone previously wrote, to soothe your worries just call the school you are interested in pursuing next and ask about it. That's your best bet. Good luck. I'm sure it will be fine! Kerri
    PS Do you know of any online CRNA programs that are completed totally online????????????????