Pitt CRNA Spring Seminar

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    I will be applying for Pitt's CRNA program this fall. I saw online that they are having a CRNA Spring Seminar in a few weeks and I was wondering if going to that would help my chances of getting in. They are offering it for current CRNAs, SRNAs, and current RNs interested in anesthesia. It would cost $50 for the morning lecture or $150 for morning and afternoon sessions including hands on simulation. I just wondered if anyone else has attended this and if it would help my chances enough to be worth the cost.

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    It would also be an 8 hour round trip drive and an extra $125 for hotel. So I am curious what you all think.
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    Waste of time and money if you ask me.
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    May or may not have people there that are on adcom . If so then u get your name known. I would think this is a good way for a school to make money. I hear pitt clinicals can be intimidating! Good luck
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    I got accepted this year and never went to the seminars. However, it is a good opportunity to meet the faculty before you may be meeting them in an interview! The agenda looks good for the seminar as well.

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