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I was wondering if anyone could given me some information about the University of Pittsburgh CRNA interview process. I have a December interview date and was just wondering if anyone has had any... Read More

  1. by   EyesOnPrize
    Did you interview Nov or Feb? What were your stats if you dont mind my asking
  2. by   pitt81
    Interviewed in feb
    Have a BS, and a BSN 3.5 gpa
    Volunteer EMT 2.5 years
    1.5 years of ICU experance
    new member of in house code team
    GRE 306 (total)
    have done some in house research but nothing published

    However they said thay only interview people that they feel have an legit shot of getting in so
    if you got a interview and you feel you did well you have just as good of shot as someone who has a more
    impressive resume
  3. by   amandasroll
    I know of one girl who got a call today. Fingers crossed for the rest of us!

    I have been an ICU nurse for over 3 years (SICU, Transplant ICU, MICU, Cardio ICU, Neuro-Trauma ICU.....I was a travel nurse for awhile!). I also taught nursing school clinicals for a local university.
    GPA 3.4, taken some MSN coursework
    GRE 314

    I interviewed in November, and this is my second year applying to Pitt. The anxiety is overwhelming waiting for an admission decision!!
  4. by   EyesOnPrize
    Darn... I bet they called all of the accepted candidates today then...
  5. by   amandasroll
    Maybe I am in denial, but last year they accepted 38 people....thinking that is a lot of people to call in one day. We will see!
  6. by   EyesOnPrize
    You have a good point. Tomorrow is the day! Will post asap if i hear anything. Thanks again
  7. by   amandasroll
    me too!!
  8. by   EyesOnPrize
    Anyone hear from Pitt yet, good or bad? My friend called them and was told many acceptance calls were made Mon/Tue. But they told her that they call rejections too
  9. by   pitt81
    I am in the same boat as you I did not get a respond if i am in or not. I heard that if you get in they call you
    however if you do not get in they e mail you
  10. by   amandasroll
    I emailed the office yesterday and they said they hope to have all the acceptance calls out by today. Last year they called the accepted people and mailed a denial letter to those who were not accepted.
  11. by   amandasroll
    I haven't heard either way yet either...thinking that is not a good thing. But the suspense is killing me!
  12. by   EyesOnPrize
    Yeah my friend called this morning and was told they are still making final decisions...
  13. by   amandasroll
    Has anyone heard any updates? Anyone rec'd denial letters yet?