Organic Chemistry

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    Hello all!

    I just have a quick question or two for you regarding the Orgo class that's required by what seems to be most CRNA programs. I'm currently taking it, and while even though we've only had 1 test thus far, I'm worried that I'll probably not be able to pull anything higher than a B out of the course. How do you feel a grade like that in a class that seems to be weighted very heavily in the admissions process would reflect on me as an applicant? Did any of you who have been accepted into a CRNA program get less than an A in your organic chemistry class?

    Thanks in advance for any response!

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    I know you have been looking for answers! I haven't applied and been accepted anywhere but I got a high b in my ochem last year and was happy I got it! I would have loved to have an A, but very few people in my class even got B's. You can always take the next ochem class and get an A, or go further and take a grad level pathophys or something to show you can handle the course work...
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    im going to apply for an organic chem with biochemistry class all in one. it's mostly available in junior colleges. most crna schools just ask for that.
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    Hey guys, I was just wondering if where the organic chem class is taken at a community college or a university matters? I have attempted to take orgo but dropped it because I switched career paths, but now here I am again. Does it matter where it's taken?
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    from my reading of posts, most people have taken at comm colleges without an issue.beetlebum-in my area there are no mixed classes like you spoke, nor are there even any intro biochem classes. You have to do the full 3 gen chems to get into o-chem, then 3 of those to get into
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    Thank you missnurse01! Do you think it's ok to take it in the summer? Sorry for these tideous questions it's just there were programs that I was in before and they didn't like upper class sciences and math at a community college nor it taken during a summer session.
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    I think it would be suicide to take ochem in the summer unless u didn't have other commitments....but that's me. Work more than full time and Homeschool 3 kids and do school.
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    Luckily I do not just this and work part time but my job is really flexible! Yay I'm excited now thank you!
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    really? so you guys are taking almost 2 years of lower division chemistry classes? i went to glendale community college in california and there is such a class, surprisingly. good luck.
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    Missnurse is right. I'm taking a six week orgo course right now, am working... and it's rough haha.

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