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  1. hi all,

    I am a CRNA hopefull. Before applying I would like to enhance my resume by taking some science courses. I work full time in a CVICU and prn in a cc float pool in a separate hospital so I need flexability. I am hoping to take a few online chemistry classes and a stats course but I am worried they won't be as highly regarded by the schools as their classroom counterparts. Has anyone here who has already been accepted into a school specifically used online classes to improve their science GPA? I was a right-out-of-high-school nursing student and didn't perform to the best of my abilities my first 2 years. luckly I started taking my education seriously half way throughout and achieved >3.5 the remaining 60 credit hrs. I am very capable and love science (even tutoring A&P and helping as a lab assistant) but you would never know based on my current undergrad science grades. Any recommendations as far as online schools? Any advice in general? Thanks!
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  3. by   manusko
    I had a C in chemistry and re-took it as a online class. Transcript as far I know does not state anything about how it was accomplished. It is expensive and it does take your time and effort.

    I went through Pikes Peak Community College in Colorado.
  4. by   MTSA
    This is a frequent question that we receive at the Middle Tennessee School of Anesthesia. We recognize online BSN programs as long as they are accredited. Also, a strong GPA and high acuity ICU experience will help strengthen each application.