Online graduate-level pharm, phys, patho classes

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    I'm interested in taking some advanced classes in pharmacology, physiology and pathophysiology. I really enjoyed the hard science aspect if nursing school and prerequisites, and am toying with the idea of CRNA school somewhere down the line. I read that taking these classes is a good way to prepare and can also strengthen your application, but I'm also interested in gaining more in-depth knowledge in these subjects for the sake of having that knowledge. The trouble I'm running in to is that schools I've contacted in the area do not offer these classes a la carte- you have to be enrolled in a degree program to take them. Does anyone know of schools that offer classes like this online without requiring matriculation in a degree program? I know they must exist but so far I haven't had much luck finding any.

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    Try Liberty University
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    I don't think the Sam Merritt courses are grad level....and I was excited about phys since I am looking for online phys, but I see they require onsite work as well. The search continues!

    OP-UNE has some courses online at 1500 a pop, was hoping to find something cheaper.
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    It seems like $1500 a class is the going rate.... USJ in CT offers classes and that's about what they charge.'m checking out Liberty too.
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    I could not find them at Liberty, or one that was 'advanced' and online anyway...

    I have been searching the past few weeks, and on and off for a few years.

    The link you posted for the other school...I found the online grad level phys, but too rich for my blood. 1900 bucks. dang it.

    I may just take the intro to mammalian phys offered thru VCU, it is self paced and only 200 bucks. I assume not as much detail as the others...then supplement with Dr. Najeeb's lectures...
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    I have taken some grad level classes at Liberty U. They are great. I feel like I am learning and yet I can do everything in my own time. You can choose to do the class in 8 weeks or in 16 weeks. Luckily, I get a military discount so my tuition is only $250/credit hour. Otherwise I believe it is around $400 which is less than others I have seen as well...

    Hope this helps!!
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    I also went with liberty university. I liked the 8 wk and 16 wk option, suggest only one at a time if you choose the 8 wk option, especially if you are working full time.
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    Have you tried UMASS?
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    I took advanced patho and pharm at Liberty. Loved the 8 week option too

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