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I am! I have 3 kids, wife and a mortgage. Feeling a little nervous about starting school. Anyone else?... Read More

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    Yup started wOrking at 12. Occasionally had a semester off. Took the long route of lpn adn bsn. Been in school nearly constantly for 20 years lol
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    If it makes your feel any better I have one a classmate who has 3 kids. His wife doesn't work so I am sure that helps but he had to move for school and has no family in the area. We are 2 semesters in and he is doing fine. You will need a wife that will support you though and even then I am sure there will be times when she will want to rip your head off (mine has these moments and we have no kids). Don't worry about the mortgage the government will foot the bill (with a ridiculous interest rate of course). I would start to looking into help like snap benefits to see if you qualify. If your wife doesn't work your family will qualify. You will not but it will help with the debt.
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    Most schools offer health insurance (at a premium price of course). I believe because you are offered it by the school you will not be able to benefit from state insurance. Unfortunately, because you are in school it doesn't matter if you work or not. The government likes to give money to people who are deteriorating society rather than people who are improving it, but that is a whole other topic.
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    I'm starting in January 2014 at FGCU. I have a wife and two children. My son will be starting kindergarten this fall, so having him in all day school will definitely ease some. My wife is a nurse as well and I know she'll make a decent salary while we're on one income. My in-laws are going to be living a stone's throw away and they are both retired. My FIL is one of the coolest people I know and would drop anything to watch the kids. I hope that it's not the case, but having them nearby was the plan all along. I only applied to FGCU for that reason.
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    There is no question that paying for school is stressfull. I am in the same boat preparing for my first semester this upcoming august. When I ask current CRNA's what is the best way to prepare for school they all tell me to enjoy myself. Take some time off and travel. Live it up before I enter 3 years of having no life outside of school. I am torn between saving and working like crazy .... and taking sometime to travel maybe even a trip to Italy. I hopefully will be able to find a balance. I am grateful for the support of those who post their experience.

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