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Nervous about starting school? - page 2

I am! I have 3 kids, wife and a mortgage. Feeling a little nervous about starting school. Anyone else?... Read More

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    I'm starting in January 2014 at FGCU. I have a wife and two children. My son will be starting kindergarten this fall, so having him in all day school will definitely ease some. My wife is a nurse as well and I know she'll make a decent salary while we're on one income. My in-laws are going to be living a stone's throw away and they are both retired. My FIL is one of the coolest people I know and would drop anything to watch the kids. I hope that it's not the case, but having them nearby was the plan all along. I only applied to FGCU for that reason.
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    There is no question that paying for school is stressfull. I am in the same boat preparing for my first semester this upcoming august. When I ask current CRNA's what is the best way to prepare for school they all tell me to enjoy myself. Take some time off and travel. Live it up before I enter 3 years of having no life outside of school. I am torn between saving and working like crazy .... and taking sometime to travel maybe even a trip to Italy. I hopefully will be able to find a balance. I am grateful for the support of those who post their experience.