need your opinions please :)

  1. I was wondering if any of you have had experience working in pain clinics yet? If so, what was it like overall? Is it possible for a crna to start their own pain clinic?

    I am interested in pain practices and getting to know more about them. Also, I heard that the law just changed for crna's to be able to be able to do pain management...does that mean writing scripts eventually? This law just cam into affect in past several months in regards to pain management. looks like a good thing for crnas!
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  3. by   xX Goose Xx
    Actually, CRNAs have been practicing pain all along. CMS made a wording change to allow for CRNAs to continue to bill and get reimbursed for those services. CRNAs are practice limited by individual state Nurse Practice act.

    As far as prescription writing, that also is dependent on the state in which you plan to practice.
  4. by   denver nurse
    That makes sense. I guess I am curious as to where people are making their income from. I know a crna can where many different faces as far as practice goes. I would love to start my own crna group or business. I am sure this will be challenging but who knows!

    thanks for the info!
  5. by   xX Goose Xx
    I Guess I am confused by your status. Are you a nurse, nursing student, pre-nursing student, current SRNA?
  6. by   denver nurse
    starting crna school in Florida in October...just trying to get as much knowlege about the profession as possible do help me choos my direction when the time comes.

    I prob should rethink my name on this site cause it is deceiving.
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    ......disregard...I can't get this to delete from my, sorry.
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