My transcript and becoming a CRNA

  1. Presently I am in my first stages of my nursing career. After entering a ADN program I made a D in Intro to Nursing but have a 3.75 overall on my science courses. Unfortunatley, this semester I had planned to take Bio2, Intro to Chemistry, and Spanish II but I will have to drop these classes due to financial aid not paying for them. This means there will probably be at least three Ws on my transcript. Would a review board in a CRNA program look down upon my D in Intro to Nursing and the Ws from this semester? I do plan on going back into my nursing program and passing with decent grades.
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  3. by   TerryNeal
    I'm in an ADN program and everything but the Intro you mention is just a pre-req. A C or better is required for all classes but repeating a pre-req doesn't count against you. A D in Intro would require a repeat and be a strike against you. Three strikes and you're out of the program. Their rules are stringent but yours may be different.
  4. by   TerryNeal
    I also forgot to mention I'm in the RN program. CRNA may be different altogether.
  5. by   somekindofstrange
    In my program its not a prerequisite but actually a class you must pass in order to proceed to Nursing I. I passed the test but failed the clinical portion due to my lack of experience of basic nursing skills. Unfortunatley, the small town I live in is crammed with people trying to become nurses so I cannot gain re-entry. I have since gained experience in basic nursing skills by getting my CNA. I have applied to other programs but have not been able to get in. However, I am optimistic about two nursing programs I plan to apply for. In the mean time I was trying to complete CRNA science requirements so I can make a smooth transition once I gain some nursing experience.
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  6. by   ckh23
    They might, it depends on the program and the people on the ad com. I do believe a majority of them look at your science grades. A strong recommendation is to take grad level courses and getting A's in them as opposed to repeating some other courses.

    That being said I think you should really focus on getting back into a program and getting the best grades possible and not worry too much about becoming a CRNA.