Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

  1. Finished my application for MSA. Anyone else applying this year? Now the wait...
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  3. by   suzpooz
    Hello there! Yes, I applied also. Good luck.
  4. by   JJHolms
    Hi! I also applied to MSA this fall. Any idea when we might hear about interviews?
  5. by   Prince815
    I saw a thread from last year that people heard about interviews right around Thanksgiving. I'm not feeling all that confident about applying this year. I have very minimal icu experience. Let me know if you hear back about an interview.
  6. by   JJHolms
    Thanks for the info. I will keep you posted if I hear anything and please do the same. I would not get discouraged just yet, MSA only requires 1 year of ICU experience. Hopefully, they look at the whole picture.
  7. by   suzpooz
    I spoke with the admin gal at MSU and she said not to expect to hear anything until mid-Dec. This waiting part is not fun. I have 12 years PICU experience but GPA could be better. I agree, hope they look at the whole picture and accept a well rounded class. Good luck to everyone.
  8. by   rn219
    I also applied for this year. It is kind of a long shot as I am still finishing my BSN and I only have a year and a half of ICU experience. I figured it doesn't hurt to try!
    I am also a little concerned because I know that one of my recommendation letters was sent out late (even though this person had more than enough time to complete it). So, I hope that doesn't put the nail in my coffin!
    Good luck everyone!!
  9. by   JJHolms
    I received a phone call today from MSA and scheduled an interview for mid-december Has anyone else heard anything? I wonder how many applicants they interview.
  10. by   Prince815
    Congrats! I also will be interviewing in mid December. I have no idea how many people they interview but I think it is around 30 positions. Good luck to all!
  11. by   JJHolms
    Congrats! Have you heard anything about the interview process at MSA? I have a friend who is currently in the program and he mentioned that it is pretty casual.
  12. by   mn_nurse
    I applied also and scheduled an interview for mid Dec. It sounds like they have quite a few openings. I was given the choice of Dec 10th through mid January. Good luck to the rest. If anyone interviews before 14 December please post your experience .Thanks
  13. by   seansanf120
    Hello everyone, I am currently in my first year of the Program and I can tell you that this program is excellent. They give the nuts and bolts of wht you need to know to perform in clinical then in the secon week of November you're in the OR. I can tell you about the interview which is extremely laid back. They want to see how well you can handle/express yourself in a stressful situation. Their is no quizzing on Pharm or A/P or anything like that. They want you to just be yourself because as the previous poster had said, they do look at the whole picture when it comes to acceptance and they do want a mix of students in the class. My class has a little bit of everything; people with SICU, MICU, PICU, ect... I had 3.5 years in a PICU. Your LOR are very important, as one instructor had told me, if they see any negative comments in your letter, that is a red flag and they start to question whether the student will be right for the program. As far as your experience goes, as long as you have 1 year by the time you start the program, then that fulfills the requirement. I will also tell you that we had a student quit 1.5 months into the program because she said anesthesia wasn't for her. If you're applying, make sure this is something you really want to do. You don't want to take a spot from someone who really wants this, just my two cents. Oh one more thing, they get aroun 200 applications each year, interview aroun 80 and select 33 students. Good luck and I'll be happy to answer any questions.
  14. by   wedoch
    I will be interviewing next Tues. pretty nervous...I keep hearing how laid back it is and am just wondering how long it will last?? I received an email from the school saying that the interview lasts ~ 2hrs.? I have heard amazing things about this program and am so excited if I am chosen to be a part of it