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Is there anyone with some insights on Minneapolis School of Anesthesia?. I am thinking of applying there for 20011, anyone with interview experience there, current students or even folks Who... Read More

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    Quote from seansanf120
    I got a single page letter. I had been told that if I get accepted there will be a thick envolope with physical exam forms and your letter of acceptance, and if you just got one letter then that meant you were an alternate. I opened the envolope to find a single letter, and my heart just dropped. As I read it though, and it said I had been selected, and enclosed are the physical exam forms, but there weren't. I had called the school today, and I was told that the secretary was so excited to get the letters out she forgot to put in the physical exam forms. I recieved it today in a seperate envolope, so all is well.
    I wish you the best Riley, and please let us know either way.

    hahaha! I love this I thought the same thing!! When it read that there was supposed to be an enclosure...but wasn't, that maybe they mailed me the letter on accident!! Sheesh!! :-P

    PS, Congrats to all!!! This is so exciting, its just unreal....thats the best way to describe it, I've been wanting this--especially at MSA since prior to getting my BSN!! Whew!!!!!
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    All I am doing is laughing, I too got accepted and I went out tonight and had some beers and just sat there reading the letter over and over at the tavern..... Enjoy the next 7 months becuase after that we will all have PTSD....LOL.. What a life changing experiance.
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    here is my email: twillscowboy@hotmail.com New classmates send me an email it be nice to get to know some of you before school starts.... I can't wait
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    Poop made the alternate list! Still leaves me a chance though. Does anyone have any idea how many alternates they generally select? Congrats to everyone that got in.
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    I was told in the interview that everyone that interviewed, and didn't get accepted, is on the alternate list. If a spot opens up the class then they will look at everyone who is on the alternate list, see you has all of the requirements at that time such as your Chem, BSN, ICU experience, PALS, ACLS, and of those alternates who have everything done, they will select who they feel will be a good fit for the class. I imagine they would go off of interview reports to help make their decision. Keep your head up though!
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    everybody that had an interveiw and did not get accepted gets put on an alternate list. I do not know how many people they take each year from the alternate list. It would all depend if people decline their acceptance into the program.
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    Hey all email is wagne715@regis.edu feel free to email would love to get to know some of my future classmates!
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    If you have facebook, feel free to join the "Minneapolis School of Anesthesia-2013" group, a few of us are on there and keep in contact... or check your private messages.

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    I have heard many good things about MSA. I am applying fall. Any recommendations you would give towards writing essay?
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    How is MSA different than SMU? Notice that you have to sent transcripts to both when applying.

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