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Is there anyone with some insights on Minneapolis School of Anesthesia?. I am thinking of applying there for 20011, anyone with interview experience there, current students or even folks Who... Read More

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    Hi all,

    I too applied to MSA. I've been on pins and needles everytime I visit the mailbox. Keep posting the updates please. I'll pray for all of us to be accepted. I've heard great things about this program. I have a friend who has also applied as well and we just have that feeling that we will moving to Minneapolis real soon. Hope to meet you all soon in St. Louis Park, MN.

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    hi luckycharmrn,

    I'm from Atlanta, GA. Great to hear from you. Even though someone posted earlier this week that they'd called the school
    and they were told that letters wouldn't go out until the last of November, I continue to go to the mailbox with wishful
    thinking that an invitation to interviews will be in there. Keep me posted the moment that you hear something, please.
    You may have to email me directly because I did not subscribe to the portion of allnurses that cost. May God be with all of us.

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    My husband had a missed call from the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia today, and they left a message to call him back. Unfortunately, he was sleeping and didnt get the message until after the school was closed. Did anyone else receive a call today?? We are extremely nervous about why they would be calling, considering interviews are apparently going to be given by mail this year.
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    Hi Courtney,

    Not sure why you received a phone call, but it may very well be a positive thing! Maybe they are calling the ones who made it. It would be better though if someone else would post if they've received a call as well. I didn't receive one. I did however hear back from another school that I applied to today. I was granted an interview in January. I wish you and your hubby luck!! Keep in touch and post whatever you find out. Happy Thanksgiving and please keep us updated. Thanks
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    He called the school back this morning and they had called to tell him he was granted an interview!!! Interviews start the beginning of dec until Jan 7! Hope everyone gets good news soon
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    I got a call yesterday at about 3:00ish to set up an interview. They did leave a message first just asking to "call them back." Then when I called back they wanted to set up an interview. So, I think that's a very good thing. I didn't set up an interview though because I've already been accepted to another program.
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    Just got the call for an interview with MSA today Hopefully others that applied will get there call soon. Good luck to all interviewees!

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    Congratulations!! Wish you all the best of luck!
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    Gasgirl, luckycharm....any news yet on whether you have received an interview??

    For those that are familiar with the interview process, what all have you heard? I was interested to know if it was going to be in front of a panel, and whether they ask alot of clinical type of questions?

    Any info will help, thanks
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    When is your interview day set for? What all have you heard from previous student's experience with interviews at MSA? Flight is now booked. Just hoping not to get caught in a blizzard up there! Good luck with your interview


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