Minneapolis School of Anesthesia, what can I do to get in???

  1. I graduated school for the University of North Dakota in December 2004 with a GPA of 3.1. From there, I moved to Phoenix, AZ and got a job at a 40 bed, level 1 ICU unit. This unit is not divided into specialties so I got exsposed to all ICU areas including; CVICU, Neuro ICU, Ortho ICU, Trauma ICU and Med/Surg ICU. I am now taking a travel position at Abbott Northwestern in an ICU. This is mainly to make contacts that may give me an in with the school. I applied once already. I now that it was somewhat premature, only having eigth months expeirence at the time. I obviously did not get an interview. I plan to take a bio-chem course and get my CCRN before I reapply. What else can I do to make myself stand out in order to get an interveiw? What if anything are they looking for? Do I stand a chance with my current GPA?
    Thank you for any andvise you may have...
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  3. by   fungirl
    Hey there, I have faith in you!!!!! And see ya on Friday, since your leaving me!!!!!
  4. by   CoolhandHutch
    I'm in the process of applying as well, so you're my competition...no advice for you :P

    I asked them what mistakes applicants commonly make and how to avoid them. What they told me is to call frequently and verify that transcripts, letters, and verifications have been received and placed into your file.

    Perhaps we'll be classmates in '07 :hatparty:
  5. by   MollyS
    Advice that I can give you is to know (obviously) that you are competing with the cream of the crop (as I am sure you are too!). What things can make you stand out? It sounds like you are going in the right direction. Experience is a very strong asset. I am a former Abbott employee who is now in school. I did not get in on my first try. I looked at my strengths and weaknesses. My second attempt I added experience as a charge nurse, preceptor, added more educational experiences via critical care seminars, etc. involvement in my professional organizations. I also made sure they knew I was working full time. It is definitely a complete package that schools seam to look for which includes a personality that will fit in with the school. I hope this helps you. Good luck, I know it is the best decision I have ever made!
  6. by   magno79
    Thank you for your advise. I appreciate your input and honesty. How are you liking MSA as a program and in terms of clinical sites? How was Abbott to work for and what specialty did you work in?