Minneapolis School of Anesthesia

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    Finished my application for MSA. Anyone else applying this year? Now the wait...
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    Hello there! Yes, I applied also. Good luck.
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    Hi! I also applied to MSA this fall. Any idea when we might hear about interviews?
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    I saw a thread from last year that people heard about interviews right around Thanksgiving. I'm not feeling all that confident about applying this year. I have very minimal icu experience. Let me know if you hear back about an interview.
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    Thanks for the info. I will keep you posted if I hear anything and please do the same. I would not get discouraged just yet, MSA only requires 1 year of ICU experience. Hopefully, they look at the whole picture.
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    I spoke with the admin gal at MSU and she said not to expect to hear anything until mid-Dec. This waiting part is not fun. I have 12 years PICU experience but GPA could be better. I agree, hope they look at the whole picture and accept a well rounded class. Good luck to everyone.
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    I also applied for this year. It is kind of a long shot as I am still finishing my BSN and I only have a year and a half of ICU experience. I figured it doesn't hurt to try!
    I am also a little concerned because I know that one of my recommendation letters was sent out late (even though this person had more than enough time to complete it). So, I hope that doesn't put the nail in my coffin!
    Good luck everyone!!
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    I received a phone call today from MSA and scheduled an interview for mid-december Has anyone else heard anything? I wonder how many applicants they interview.
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    Congrats! I also will be interviewing in mid December. I have no idea how many people they interview but I think it is around 30 positions. Good luck to all!
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    Congrats! Have you heard anything about the interview process at MSA? I have a friend who is currently in the program and he mentioned that it is pretty casual.