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Is there anyone with some insights on Minneapolis School of Anesthesia?. I am thinking of applying there for 20011, anyone with interview experience there, current students or even folks Who are planning to apply there. I... Read More

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    Anyone else receive an invite for an interview? I've noticed in years past the interviews have gone until the end of January. When the school called to set up an interview they said interviews were until Jan 7...are they doing things different this year or interviewing less applicants? If so, I wonder if they plan on handing out admissions sooner than the middle of Feb this year? Anyone have any info about this?

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    Hey Guys,

    I also applied to the Minneapolis School of Anesthesia and I am very excited about it! I got a call about being invited for an interview so I am a little nervous, but I have heard that it's pretty relaxed. Do any current or previous Minneapolis students have any input about the program, Pros and Cons, clinical information, etc? Thanks and GOOD LUCK TO ALL!
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    congrats WIMurse!

    When is your interview? Where will you be coming from and what kind of ICU are you in? There is not a lot of info out there on this program. What all have you heard about it? Good luck at your interview
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    Hi there, I am interviewing on December 7th! I am so excited for this oppertunity, and I hope we can all share some good news about admission to this program in February. I have heard pretty much the same as what's been mentioned on previous posts, but it's mainly a get to know you interview. Where are you from? Hopefully your flight isn't held up by the weather, which is annoyingly unpredictable. Let us know how your interview goes, as will I, and good luck!

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    I am interviewing December 16th. I am flying out the 15th from Oklahoma, and I'm praying that the weather holds up for us all. I'm pretty nervous, yet excited...I just dont know what to expect. Trying to stay optimistic about my chances, but still not going to really get my hopes TOO high. I hope we all do well, and all get spots lol. Well let us know how your interview goes!

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    I hope your interview went well! Was it as nerve wracking as you had expected it to be...better/worse? How long did it end up being? I'll let you know how mine goes in about a week or so.
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    I did have my interview, and it wen't pretty much like I had expected. It was a lot of "get to know you" type of conversation. I felt great after leaving, but as time has past, I just don't know. It's hard to tell what they're really looking for. I met with two of the three program directors, and both of them were very nice and pleasant to talk to. It lasted about 40min with the first interviewer, and about 20-25min with the other director. I would say that it went as well as I could of expected. I wish you the best of luck, and let me know how your'e interview goes.

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    Will do...its coming up quick! The nerves are finally starting to hit me, lol. Did you do any type of tour of the facility?
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    When I got there, the secretary took me to the library where I had my interview, and I was not shown the facility. However, when I turned in my application in back in June I was given a tour, but it's not that much of one. There are two classrooms that the program uses, a library, and a small cafeteria, that's it. It's in a community center located on the second floor. I know exactly how you feel, about being nervous, but just be yourself, and you should do fine, but like I said earlier, and especially now after my interview, I have no idea what they're looking for. Good luck to you!
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    Just finished my interview. Felt pretty nervous during the first interview, and felt I could have definitely done a better job articulating my thoughts...Second interview was with one of the instructors, and I felt that interview went perfectly. I'm a harsh critic of myself, so its hard to really say how I did..lol. Hopefully we all get good news.

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