1. Hey everyone,

    I am graduating from nursing school in 2 weeks with BSN (YAY!) I am 21 years old and landed a job as a RN. I am working towards my CNRA degree. I have been interested in becoming a CRNA for many years. I have shadowed countless hours in the OR and have many CRNA "buddies" (thanks to all who have let me shadow you!). I want to know, from those who have been accepted, gone through the program, graduated and those who are CRNA's, what made you stand out from the other applicants?

    Thanks for reading
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  3. by   manusko
    Ask all your CRNA buddies. Sounds like you have a strong network of friends to tap for information.
  4. by   gremillard2012
    HAHAHA good point... Just asking for others opinions. I have asked and they all have given great advice, but just wanted to ask the general public. It is good to have a variety of opinions.
  5. by   manusko
    I am currently a SRNA entering senior year. My understanding with a lot of programs is that the interview is where you win them over. Getting the interview is the big part, and then you need to wow them. It is not all about GPA and GRE. Someone with a 4.0 and a fantastic GRE score could be a total wreck in person. Some people say to work on interview skills. Some places will ask a lot of clinical questions and some just want to get to know you and see if you will fit in.
  6. by   gremillard2012
    Thank you for your answer, and congratulations!!! Sounds like you are doing well. What school do you go to?

    Was there anything special you put on your application to make you stand out?
  7. by   and1ccrn
    So I just got in to CRNA school and I start in August!! My advice is get good experience, any ICU is sufficient but I honestly think the best experience is trauma or cardiac. I have been a CCU nurse for 2 1/2 years now and have gotten invaluable experience! Also make yourself look good on paper, while youre fresh put of school, TAKE THE GRE! It's tough to get in that mindset and thinking 3 years later. Also CERTIFICATIONS- CCRN definitely, if cardiac CSC, CMC (all those through the American association of critical-care nursing), and another through the American board of cardiovascular medicine called CVRN-BC. Not only does it make you look great, it also helps you study for the interview- I got all these a few months leading into the interview. You dont necessary need all of that stuff, one of ,y buddies got in without any of it. That said, all that stuff just gets you the interview- THE INTERVIEW is our time to shine and it's what gets you in! You can prepare all you want but it leaves you when a panel is staring at you. Best advice is to be yourself, be humble and always try to be learning more!!! Good luck to you and congratulations on graduation!
  8. by   gremillard2012
    Congratulations and good luck this August! I actually am starting out in a high volume ICU fresh out of school... as long as I pass my boards first shot :X I am already planning to take the GRE asap and get my CCRN once I have enough ICU hours.

    The interview process consists of what exactly? Specific medical questions? Or is it more experience based questions?

    GOOD LUCK TO YOU! Hopefully in the near future I will be in your shoes!
  9. by   gremillard2012
    I am not asking for all the details of the interview haha... Just a basic idea!