Looking for questions to ask the crna directors.

  1. Now that I have you here, I am looking for questions to ask the directors of the CRNA programs in my area to determine if I am going to get the best experience out of the program I choose. The questions I have so far are

    1) how many nerve blocks, on average, does each SRNA do on actual patients from start to finish?

    2) is there a nerve block rotation and do all students get to go to it?

    3) how many central lines on average does each SRNA do on patients from start to finish?

    4) is there an autonomous/independent SRNA rotation that all students get to experience?

    5) do the SRNA's get an opportunity to write PACU orders and learn to manage the PACU?

    6) How do you feel the mandatory DNP is going to affect the CRNA profession?

    I cannot think of any more questions right now so I came to you. Can you think of anything that would of made you a better CRNA? Something that was lacking in your program? Please help me think of more questions so I can determine where I will receive the best education in the classroom and the OR.
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  3. by   xX Goose Xx
    Will you have to travel for rotations and if so, is housing included or do you have to pay additional fees?
  4. by   Powertrip
    That is a great question. Thanks.