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Hello, is anybody interviewing or has interviewed for Barry University's CRNA program for Jan 2012 entry? I would like to talk to some people that have or will be.... Read More

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    Had organic I, II, and biochem.

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    i have been accepted to barry university for spring term 2013. does anyone know when they tell you what site you will be at? i am relocating and would like to start looking for a house asap. i also would like to take the head start program but need to take a chemistry. i will not be able to take chemistry until the fall. will they let me take the research class in summer before i complete my chemistry in the fall. i haven't heard back from barry about these questions... can anyone help?
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    yes, you may register for research. I strongly suggest taking your chemistry pre-req over the summer, so that you can take the head start chem in the fall. (any chemistry will do, just take it at your local community college). It is very difficult to take chemistry in the spring with all your other classes. It's doable, but exhausting. And not everyone passes chemistry as it is. Good Luck!
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    Its been 4 months since you guys have started. Can you guys give us a glimpse of what happening to you?

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    was taking the research class online in the head start plan hard and time consuming?
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    the class wasn't hard, but of course it takes some time. It's much better to take it in head start, because it lightens your load for that semester.
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    I have an interview on June 5th for January 2013 start. I am very nervous about the chemistry portion of the quiz. I've read it really doesn't matter but I don't remember much from my General Chemistry class 4.5 years ago. Anyone remember any of the questions or topics from the quiz who took it recently?

    My stats are 3.6 GPA, TNCC, PALS, ACLS, 2 years ICU 1 year Medical 1 year Trauma/Neuro/Surgical, GRE 1130. I am taking my CCRN in July but don't have it yet. Any idea what my chances might be?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about it. It sounds like your stats are fine and if you've been studying for the CCRN, then you should do well on the ICU/nursing part of the test. If you want to study, maybe go to your library and see if there is a general review book. But really, don't stress about it.
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    does anyone know when they interview the last group for January 2013? Or when did the January 2012 students get interviewed? Do you mind sharing when you applied and when you were called for an interview?

    For those accepted, did you get an email/phone call for the interview?
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    I've submitted my application for the Jan 2014 start and am waiting to hear back, I've been reading all the good posts, especially about Orlando. I was planning on that being my first choice as I have family in Melbourne. I have 5 years of high acuity ED experience in San Francisco as well as a stint of rotor wing flight experience with successful intubations. Have any of you already in the program had classmates without ICU experience?

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