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Hello, is anybody interviewing or has interviewed for Barry University's CRNA program for Jan 2012 entry? I would like to talk to some people that have or will be.... Read More

  1. by   mathaka
    Do they have all of your required information?
  2. by   lisaa817
    yes I got a confirmation email the day I faxed everything over jsut to make sure...
  3. by   mathaka
    You might want email them to see what they say. If they say they are still waiting on a decision to be made, I would leave it at that. In my interactions with Barry, they have been very prompt and do exactly what they say. Good luck!
  4. by   fyrace
    Took me almost 4 months to get a call. Had everything in by October for early decision and got a call in February. Don't hound them, but keep up with communication. Even thought the take applications throughout the year, I think the "deadline" for next year is May, so you are just getting to the end of the regular admission season and wait to see what happens. They are nice, and will answer your questions if you ask.
  5. by   mathaka
    Hello again fyrace,
    A couple of questions for you , if you don't mind.

    1. I have heard that Barry is a great program. What are your impressions of the program and the reputation it holds?

    2. What are some benefits of attending the Orlando cohort?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.
  6. by   fyrace
    You can search the web a bit more regarding the Orlando cohort, but two of the best reasons are ORMC is a level 1 trauma center and the other is Arnold Palmer/Winnie Palmer hospitals are like the 2nd in the nation for deliveries and you will get more OB and trauma experience then you can shake a stick at. I hear the clinicals are rough and hard, but I hear you are WELL prepared by the time you are done. Before the end of the first year you will be running your own room, part of the schedule as an "employee." Wolverine Anesthesia is a tough group to work with, but I hear the experience is fantastic and you come out well trained and experienced.

    There are some people who take that amount of pressure as a bad thing, but when I am done, I know I will be ready. I also am choosing this area because I live nearby, so altogether it was a no brainer. Plus, the guy I shadowed a bunch was a Barry grad and he was fantastic so I have alot of respect for the program. Again, I hear the Orlando cohort is one of the hardest though.

    I think Barry is a good school. I have been reading/researching alot and don't hear too many negatives (other than it is VERY hard). They have been around along time, I hear good things about their program director, and I am looking forward to starting. I know there are worse schools out there, and for as much money as you are going to pay, I want to know I got a great education, and I think Barry lives up to the challenge. I guess I will find out soon!
  7. by   mathaka
    That is awesome info. I will definitely consider the Orlando cohort. Sounds like exactly what I am looking for.
  8. by   fyrace
    If you get in and pick Orlando, let me know. I am trying to get contacts with the group. I am also starting the headstart program in the fall with Chem/physics and Prof Aspects. I was told by the school those who pick Orlando normally get their choice here. If you are coming from out of town I can help with familiarity of the area. Me and my family have lived in Central Fl for some time.

    Anyways, good luck!
  9. by   mathaka
    Sounds good. I will let you know for sure. Thanks again for all of the great info.
  10. by   CriticalAnesthesiaRN
    Mathaka are you in? What applicant were you?
  11. by   Snappz11
    Anyone for the Tampa in January?
  12. by   fyrace
    I'm in Orlando. Anyone else?
  13. by   shandsburnRN-CRNA
    Hey guys,

    I'm a graduate of the Barry CRNA program. To answer your question about Orlando being the hardest of the clinical rotations, the answer is, yes and no.

    You will be worked long hours and treated like crap for awhile no matter where you go. Later you will work long hours and be treated a little better than crap I was at a different clinical location, but got excellent experience. I was in the Ocala/Gainesville site, I got actually bigger numbers (> 2000 cases) and better cases then some of my classmates that were in Orlando. Alot of it comes down to being in the right place at the right time. Peds is a prime example of that, when I did my Peds rotation at Shands they just happened to have a run of kids with really weird pathophysiology that you don't see often, so I got lucky and got REALLY good experience, I also did more than 300 peds cases, a majority were high acuity, my youngest patient was 60 minutes old. As for OB, the hospital in Ocala is the only one in the county that does OB, so you'll get really good OB experience. It's not listed as a high acuity facility like Winnie Palmer, but we get ALOT of emergencies with the same type of patients you'll see at Winnie Palmer because we are the only OB facility in the county.

    I think Orlando and Ocala will have you running your own room the fastest, Orlando probably being a little faster. Just keep in mind CRNA school is alot about, you get what you put into it. It's hard and it sucks, but keep your head in the game and you'll get through it.

    Good Luck to all of you.