International student wish to do CRNA...

  1. Hi all...

    I am an international student from India, I recently cleared my NCLEX, and just want to know that am i eligible for this course..?? I know that every candidate should have ICU experience to take this programe., I have ICU experience from my country,, so is it applicable for me to apply for this course..please can any one clarify me....??
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  3. by   HisNameWasJudy
    Your best bet for you is to contact the schools you are interested in and see what insight they can give you. Most individuals on this site can give you knowledge based on their experience, as opposed to a director of program who would be able to give you an in depth explanation. That's what I did with the schools I was interested in. Most directors that I've talked to were very cordial and offered a lot of information. They want you to apply to their school, so make some phone calls!
  4. by   deepu245
    Thank you for your reply...iam trying to send mail to one of the university but my mail is not going n i am getting reply that inbox of the recipient is filtering n blocking my mail,, i do not know why.??
  5. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Are you using a yahoo email address? Yahoo has been inundated with hackers & spammers so many schools & companies have blocked yahoo as well as international email addresses such as or
  6. by   deepu245
    No I am using gmail..
  7. by   JustBeachyNurse
    Try calling the school or see if the website has an online form to fill out, unless you are not in the US. You would then have to check with the office of international students to see if the program qualifies for a student visa
  8. by   deepu245
    Ok thank you...i will surely do that..