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Hello, I've recently been offered a position in the SICU at Georgetown University Hospital. I am currently a senior BSN student, so at first I was thrilled to have the chance to start in a SICU. It has been my goal to become... Read More

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    Quote from JayVArn
    Seriously? That's what your worried about? No Trauma?. TAKE THE JOB!!!! It's in SICU and a busy reputable one at that. Also try and focus on becoming a solid ICU nurse, not just getting the minimal time requirement for CRNA school (that may take more than 1 year fyi).
    Yup. I am close to 1 year in ICU experience from 5 years in the ER and I still think im not ready. The acuity of the patients in my ICU are not the best to learn from. Been looking elsewhere, but my hands are tied due to needing vacation time for my wedding out of the country, as well as needing to stay due to the hospital reimbursing me my tuition for my BSN classes.
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    How are you all liking GUH? I have an interview in the ED there next week and curious of current RNs thoughts of the facility/work environment. I appreciate any feedback you can offer. Thanks!

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