I got into Otterbein CRNA class of 2014!!!

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    I just got the phone call today. I liked that it was so personalized. I am beyond excited!!!! & I am hoping to link up with other Otterbein U. class of 2014 students through here.
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    Congrats!! You will already be done in 2014??
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    No it starts in Jan 2014. Thank you!
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    Oh gotcha! I must've misread. Congrats!! I start in may and am starting to get really nervous..
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    Congrats where are you going?
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    Thank you! In going to University of New England in Portland, ME.
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    I was accepted into the FNP program at Otterbein University. I start this summer semester. Best of Luck to you in the CRNA program.
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    Wow, congrats! I'm going to be taking an online summer course. Good luck with your studies too.
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    Hi LimaRN, are you starting at UNE this May for the crna program? Where are you from? I'm getting nervous as well, and still trying to figure out housing situation.

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    I am looking at UNE for the May of 2014. Do you have any suggestions for getting accepted? What was the interview process like?