How to strength CV for low GPA?

  1. Little about myself...25yo male
    BSN Graduating December 2014
    ADN Graduated May 2013
    Bachelors in Health Sciences Graduated June 2010

    Overall GPA 3.0,

    Anticipated BSN GPA of 4.0

    Anticipate CCRN
    Member of....ANA, MONA(missouri), AACN

    Seven months experience in a coronary care unit, working on getting into an ICU right now. Hopefully I will be in an ICU by April. My GPA is weak, I did a lot of partying in the undergrad years. My nursing GPA isn't too strong either as I did not envision myself as going further until I actually began working in the field. I've read other success stories of applicants that got into programs without a strong GPA. I know I can nail an interview once granted, as I have fantastic skills as a communicator. The problem is getting that interview, what else can I do to beef up my CV? What additional classes are worth the money?
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  3. by   Spoiled1
    Biochemistry and statistics may help based on what I've read and been told. Check the program requirements for the schools you want to attend! Don't forget about the GRE!
  4. by   missnurse01
    graduate level physiology - shows you can handle grad level work. good luck
  5. by   Da_Milk_of_Amnesia
    I had a 3.17 GPA. However, I had to retake my chems because they were old and got an A in them (idk what that shows to be honest). I had much of the same certs as you, with the additions of CCRN, CMC. I was also an EMT and Firefighter of over 12 years and I worked at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country. While some people may say that where you work does not matter, I personally think it does. If you work at a large teaching institution where you're exposed to all sorts of stuff you'll be far better off than someone who works in a rural ICU and has never seen, let alone heard of a IABP or ECMO. Everyones experiences and opinions are different. You'll be fine, apply and see what happens. Doing grad level work would probably help as well.
  6. by   kbl7td
    After some research, it looks like the plan is this...

    Being transferred to the adult ICU in March.
    Nail the GRE this spring and/or summer.
    Graduate in December with the BSN.
    Take Chem this summer.
    BioChem in the Fall

    Apply to these institutions in August

    Gooding Medical
    Clarkson College
    Medical University of SC
  7. by   Da_Milk_of_Amnesia
    How much ICU experience will you have when you apply ?
  8. by   kbl7td
    I will have 6 months when applying, then 1.5 years by time of matriculation. The way I see it, what do I have to lose by applying...if anything I can get feedback on how to strength my Cv