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First I Would Like To Hello To All The Nurses Out There! This Is My 1st Post. I Am Starting Nurse Anesthesia School May 2006. I Want To Ask Any Crna's Or Srna's How They Knew Nurse Anesthesia Was Right For Them. When You Started... Read More

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    First, congratulations! I'm a "senior" (as they say) SRNA. I can relate to your feelings. The good news is that you'll soon get over that anxiety; the bad news is that you'll soon get over that anxiety, only to gain a whole new set of anxieties (is that a word?). With only seven months left now in my program, I have finally come to a point where I don't feel like throwing up every time I start a rotation at a new facility, or get thrown in on a case for which I wasn't prepared, or deal with a CABG or a AAA or a crani or a brand new baby or a pregnant person. This relatively new-found decrease in my stress & anxiety level, I've decided, comes from two factors: sheer catecholamine depletion from spending the last 20 months stressed to the breaking point, & the increasing level of competence & confidence I'm enjoying now. It hasn't been a picnic, but it's been a very rewarding & awesome experience so far. Best of luck to you!!


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    Thanks everyone, I am taking all of your good advice to heart. JJRN as soon as i am able to PM I will because I definitely have questions for you. I can't PM because I'm a new member to allnurses (I guess).
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    I can relate to this. How is everybody else doing?

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