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help with letters of recommendation

  1. 0 Hi all...So trying to figure out who to ask for letters of rec. I know an MD would b great a crna thebgest. My hospital doesn't use crnas so that's out. Mds. Don't really know us nightshifters well. The hospital I am at know is all. PA managed after surgery. So I have thought of asking one of them since they know me a little better. Should I bite the bullet and ask a doc? I just don't know what they would say! Thanks for all replies!
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    I would recommend whoever will give you the best reference. I used a doc, CRNA, and my nurse manager. Some programs will actually specify who they want letters of recommendation from.
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    thanks, I figured that would be best. Altho I do not have a doc or CRNA, the people I have can give great honest references.

    Any others with ideas welcome! thanks
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    It is true that many programs will simply spell it out for you and require letters from specific people (like a direct supervisor, a peer, etc.) But, if your program does not do that for you pick some people whom you feel will give the most honest and favorable representation of you and your ability to succeed. I asked a CRNA who really didn't know me that well on a personal or professional level, but who I had shadowed several times in the OR. I like what he evening he called me and just asked me several questions to fill in the blanks on what he didn't know about me. He asked what I have done to prepare adequately for CRNA school, what types of patients I routinely care for, and my educational background. I also asked several doctors I worked with as well as some professors from my undergraduate program. I made it a point to give my cover letter and resume to everyone I asked to write me a letter. This is helpful to them especially when they may not know you as well as you would like. One final point is to ask people WAY in advance because some may not be as timely as you would like and you don't want to miss deadlines because they were slow about writing a letter for you. Hope this helps, and good luck!
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    I ended up asking one of the critical care docs for advice on getting one since I am night shift and we don't get to know them well. He said he would write one for me. He asked for as much info as I can give him-so will tell him all about me, lol.

    thanks so much everyone. and yes, trying to give them about a month or so in advance, and hoping that is enough time! and i guess i need them to print and sign extra copies since many schools want them in their own envelopes in case I do not get in next year and need to use some again...