Has Anyone Interviewed for the Fairfield University/Bridgeport Hospital Program? - page 2

i have a scheduled interview for the bridgeport hospital/fairfield university crna program and was wondering if anyone has interviewed here. i'm interested in what the interview style was like and your overall impression of the... Read More

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    I am interviewing there soon as well... CRNAspire...I tried sending you a private message but it didn't work... if you could please let me know about the interviewing process at fairfield and what to expect please. thank you so much... feed back from anyone would be greatly appreciated.

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    pm sent
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    I know this is an old thread but CRNAspire can you send me a private message as well?
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    Hi kennycrna how long did it take for Fairfield to notify you that you were accepted?
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    Hello CRNAspire i know this is an old thread, but can you tell me how did the school notify you when you got accepted? Email or phone call? Thanks
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    Thank you CRNAspire, I got your message!! I will do that tomorrow. I can't message you back since I am a new user. I hope to get good news!
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    Moved to pre CRNA for more answers. Good luck.

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