Has anyone interviewed or attended the Fairfield CRNA program at Bridgeport?

  1. I have an interview in sept 2017 for May 2018 admission at Fairfield University Bridgeport CRNA program and was hoping to see if anyone can provide any information about the interview, impression of the program and school or what experiences were through out the program. I appreciated any help and am super excited about the interview.

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  3. by   cardiacrrt
    I applied, can I ask when did you submit your application?
  4. by   Opp531
    The 1st couple weeks of may I did. Just trying to get a better idea of what to expect. Good luck!
  5. by   kwknurse
    I have an interview in September as well. Looking forward to the date and hopefully things goes smoothly! Good luck to you on your interview.
  6. by   Opp531
    Thanks you too! Hopefully all goes well. Send me a pm if you can. Any idea of how the format or interview style is?
  7. by   kwknurse
    I don't have access to pm yet. However, from research I believe they tend to give a tour of the campus in the earlier hours of the morning and the actual interview is later on in the afternoon. I have heard that it is rather laid back in nature. Hopefully that still goes towards our interviews coming up!
  8. by   Opp531
    Great thanks for the info that's also what I had gathered so far. Well if you hear anything let me know and I'll do the same. Thanks! Opp531@yahoo.com
  9. by   EspinozaCVICU
    I submitted my application Aug 22. Has anyone submitted their application around that time and received correspondence yet??

    My stats are: CVICU for over 1 year; BLS, PALS, ACLS, CCRN; Cumulative gpa 3.81, Sciences gpa 4.0; And im a Veteran.

    Anyone who got interview invites... What were your stats??