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    My friend, Recommended this site. She said, A lot of Nurses helped her During her NCLEX exam.So I make time, to search for this website and register just today. To begin with, I am Currently working as a versant in a Critical Care Unit, This is my first job as an RN, I already have my BSN degree, could anyone please guide me/Re-direct, On what I need to do, I really wanted to become a Nurse anesthetist, I am currently working in Texas. I Never tried to get GRE since I graduated outside US. So as early as now, Im collecting any idea which could help me prepare (financially and other aspect) Just to achieve my hearts desire to become a nurse anesthetist. I know, This topic my friend said has been repeatedly discussed here..I just want an update, I believe 2013, might have different changes as to requirements and etc. Any ideas are highly appreciated. Thank you so much to all.

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    please search through the forums. Also visit the aana website. All schools are listed there and you can look at what schools that you would like to go to require. good luck. please other specific questions if you have them

    read 'watchful care' by Bankert
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    There are only 3 schools (not counting the army) that offer a CRNA program in Texas.
    Texas Wes
    Not exactly cheap schools. ( wait till you see TCU's pricing ) so I would start saving now as an RN and get the necessary ICU experience before you can apply.
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    google all crna schools. that should help about list of schools. good luck!!
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    Allcrna schools is not updated by the schools themselves and I have found erroneous info. I would stick with the aana to find schools and then go to the individual school websites for info . As long as you verify your info its great to look around the web

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