Getting Into A CRNA Program as an alumni

  1. As someone who's spent hours browsing and learning through this community, I finally got down to submitting something of my own as to help myself and others.
    I am currently an RN ADN looking to RN-BSN programs, with an eye on my ambition of becoming a CRNA Nurse Anesthetist. I wanted to know if applying for a BSN program in a college/university that has a CRNA program would help the chances of getting accepted into their CRNA program if I was an alumni. Any input would be appreciated. Thank you!
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  3. by   icuCCRNurse
    I would think so, but I can't give you an exact answer. All you can do is try. Go for it!
  4. by   loveanesthesia
    If you are a good student in the BSN program, it may help.
  5. by   give em zzzs
    If you do well in the BSN program and are able to have their faculty write a letter of recommendation, I feel they would look favorably on that. As far as getting in just because of your alumni status, I doubt it. Consider this: If you are a mediocre applicant and are an alumni, a better qualified applicant would most likely be chosen over you because they are betetr suited for the program. A DNP alumni singing the school's praises does more for the school's reputation than a BSN alumni.
    I feel that if you are a strong applicant AND have alumni status, then they may give you the extra brownie point- but only if you deserve it.
  6. by   Nursekase
    Thank you all for your input! I strive to be a stellar student but wanted to see if alumni status would give me a leg up