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Just got my letter to interview at Franciscan Skemp in La Crosse. Anyone else interviewing there? I'm really excited. I feel like I've been working up to this moment my entire nursing career.... Read More

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    Congrats. Were they calling everyone else that was accepted today? Now you've made me anxious.
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    Sorry to make you anxious; definitely wasn't my purpose in posting. I don't know if they were planning on contacting all invitees today or not. I know that they also mail out an official invitation sometime later, possibly next week.
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    CPT your inbox is full so I can't PM you.
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    Sorry the in boxes are so small here. I emptied some. Message me and I will give you my email.
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    Anyone heard anything yet today?
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    Has anyone heard anything back yet?
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    Nothing here. It doesn't look good at this point, I'm afraid!
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    Found out today that I'm the first alternate for the program. Anyone want to give me the best Christmas present ever and tell me they are turning down their invitation.
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    I have a question to ask you folks that have applied here. I am currently looking at applying in 1 - 2 years and I need to take another anatomy and physiology class to meet the required 2 semesters for the program (my bsn program required 1 semester back in college). Did anyone have to take another a & p class and if so have you taken it online through any programs? I am having a hard time finding a class to take....
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    Got the phone call I've been waiting most of my adult life for. I've been accepted into the program at La Crosse!!
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    Congratulations- that's a Christmas present worth waiting for!
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    Congratulations ljlindsey. I share in ur excitement as I know It's been a long time coming.

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