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Just got my letter to interview at Franciscan Skemp in La Crosse. Anyone else interviewing there? I'm really excited. I feel like I've been working up to this moment my entire nursing career.... Read More

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    I guess 4 of us. shatch, where do you work in Utah?

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    CpH I never asked but I'm guessing near 30 or 5-6 per day. Wouldn't that be great though if it were just the three of us. Ha! I'm very optimistic. It would be great to stay close to my family and not have to make such a major move. Whatever it takes I'm going to pursue this dream though.
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    I have an interview on the 15th. Very excited. My husband and I live in Michigan now. He is from La Crosse. Would love to get back to the area.
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    I interview on Monday Nov 12th. I have talked with three people that either go to the program or just graduated this past year, and they really enjoyed it. I can see that the program might not be perfect for everyone, but it would be a very good fit for me and my family. To answer CPh2RN's question, I work at a level I trauma center in Salt Lake City called Intermountain Medical Center on their Cardiac ICU. It is the biggest hospital in Utah. Best of Luck to you guys. Fun Fun Fun Maybe we'll all be buddies some day!
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    I used to work at the U of U, the other trauma I (NCCU). You know the U is better right? J/K when it comes to hearts, IMC is the king. I just moved from Utah in June. We will just miss each other. Hopefully we will all be classmates come June! I think this program is great. Clinicals are all pretty close, the interview is friendly, small class size, and a smaller town. All good for me!
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    I am in La Crosse for my interview tomorrow! How did your interview go futurena2b?
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    Good luck CPhT. Let me know how it goes. I'll be anxious to hear!
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    How was your interview CPhT? I'm heading to la crosse tonight as my interview is tomorrow morning.
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    Quote from Ijlindsey
    How was your interview CPhT? I'm heading to la crosse tonight as my interview is tomorrow morning.
    Went well. Pleasant atmosphere. 41 interviews for 10 spots. Sounds like similar ratios to other schools. Good luck and let me know how yours goes!
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    Glad to hear. Thanks for the info. Did you happen to have a student by the name of Deji in on your interview? I know him from working with him and he is a student there.

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