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Just got my letter to interview at Franciscan Skemp in La Crosse. Anyone else interviewing there? I'm really excited. I feel like I've been working up to this moment my entire nursing career.... Read More

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    Good luck everyone ! ThIs school was on my short list. It looks like a great program.

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    Thanks for the info CPhT. Have interviewed there before? It sounds as though you have personal experience with the interview process.
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    I interviewed last year. The interview went great. I had not finished my BSN yet (I would have been done before the class started, but it would have been close) so I did not get in. I am done now though, and have another year of trauma I ICU under my belt so I am hopeful. I wish everyone luck!
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    Hey, I'm new to the message boards but will be interviewing in La Crosse as well November 14th. I am so excited! I haven't gotten a letter in the mail, I still had to take my GRE. They let me turn in all my material by the due date and then just email the unofficial scores of the GRE as soon as I got it done and the official ones later on. I took the GRE yesterday, emailed them and got a reply by email this morning to schedule the interview! Good luck everyone, this seems like a great program.
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    Good luck nurse Sandy. Where are you coming from?
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    CPht, I live in the crazy city of New Orleans. Wisconsin would be a welcome change
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    Hey CPhT. Sorry I haven't been able to respond to your PM. I haven't had enough postings or something and the website won't let me. Do you know how many kids were interviewed last year at franciscan?
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    I will be honest, I do not remember. You are not at interviews with the other applicants. It is a time slot just for you, so you do not see the other applicants.
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    Anyone else interviewing here? Thought I'd bring this thread back to the top to see if anyone else is interviewing next week
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    It's just the 3 of us. We are all in! Seriously though, I forgot to ask how many they are interviewing this year. Did you ask?

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