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I have been accepted now I am looking for housing and how to get started on this....I'm from Indiana and moving to Florida International University....any suggestions or others in same position??... Read More

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    I was told by a current student to hold off on buying text books for now because the list usually changes between now and the start of the semester and something about the current students are working on a PDF file with books/notes, etc to pass on from class to class. I have since lost the email of the person I was talking to though so can't follow up. Have you found a room mate?
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    Mairelys said that she will be sending out a new updated book list since new editions have also come out on at least one book. That would be great if they make us a packet! Look for that contact more lol! In regards to a roommate I havent heard back from anyone in the class :-( but I am talking with one girl as a possibility, but my first preference would a classmate, or maybe get a 3 bedroom i suppose with classmate and the other girl......I am just stressed about getting all of my ducks in a row. I have so much to do and I am working 4 shifts a week now to save up more money. I am pooped!!
    talk soon :-)
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    Hey I'm going to live in the graduate student apartments. Crazy it's only couple months away! How is everyone else going to be spending their next couple months??
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    on campus? im working my butt off ! you?
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    Yeah on campus. I have been working a lot as well! Just trying to get all of these things organized!!
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    Hey are you guys going to the orientation or "welcome party" ?
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    yeah I was planning on attending both the anesthesia orientation and the welcome party. Think it will be a great way to meet everyone and hopefully make some friends! What about you?
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    definitely going to orientation, but can't find the email about the welcome party, do you have the details? CRLSS410@AOL.COM
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    Hey forwarded the email to you let me know if you received it. Looked like a lot of people have RSVP to attend. Hope it is a good time.