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I have been accepted now I am looking for housing and how to get started on this....I'm from Indiana and moving to Florida International University....any suggestions or others in same position??... Read More

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    Hey small foot how did finals go??

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    Hey everyone! Just touching base with everyone seeing if everyone got their admission seat acceptance stuff in and of anyone had found any new Information about housing?? Hope everyone is doin well!!
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    Hey! I sent my acceptance letter in and my check has been cashed, but no return emails from Mairelys about any further info. I haven't really begun housing search yet bc it's still so early and a lot of landlords won't know if tenants are vacating yet. I am still searching for a roommate though, not much on FIU roommate finder site though. I wonder if there will be a class mailing list to reach out to perhaps?
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    Well I guess that's true still a lot of time.... I'm just nervous about such a big move... I haven't Heard from other students either. FIU told me they would be sending a pAcket out around 3rd or4th week of February. I was going to call the FIU housing and inquire about on campus graduate housing and other students looking for roommates off campus... Good to hear from you keep in touch....
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    I tried to send you am email mldmidthun.... Did you receive it??
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    I looked back thru my inbox and i dont see an email toebower :-( try again
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    I tried to resend it....
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    Any others attending FIU in August??
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    Hey have you guys heard anything else from FIU?
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    nope. just an invite for general grad program open house. i'm just starting to look at housing options and roommate options for August. Still gotta finish up the vaccine and fingerprint stuff too.
    Hi! I am Michelle btw

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