FHCHS in Orlando

  1. Is anyone applying or in this program? What are your views?
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  3. by   fyrace
    Was going to apply there but got into Barry. Heard mixed reviews. There is another site where there are a bunch of complaints but I was shadowing at Fl Hosp and spoke with several of their students and they liked it so its up in the air. New program, I think they just graduated their first class. Try to find out how many passed boards on first go around. That would be a good indicator.
  4. by   Joycrna
    I'm a recent graduate from the second class of the fhchs CRNA program. As far as the program, I feel like we were very well prepared and I have easily integrated into a very large group that services all of the Florida hospital system. All in my class have passed boards on the first try. All in the first class have passed boards. The directors care about you and your family. They are flexible and very understanding when comes to family and personal issues. We get a very wide range of cases ranging from liver transplants, regional blocks (interscalene, femoral etc. ) hearts and peds. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in CRNA programs, they really want you to succeed. Just my two cents.
  5. by   CVICU14
    What were your stats? How was the interview process. Currently work for florida hospital system, do you think that will help?
  6. by   Joycrna
    I was 22 when I got into the program. 1 year of shock trauma at a level 1 trauma center, and 1 year of pacu. I went straight into icu from rn school. I don't think it matters where you work or where you are from. I was from Tennessee.
    The interview is the last stop before getting in. You look good on paper, but they want to lay eyes on you tonsee who
    You really are. Panel of Chief CRNA, president of anes. Group, a few phds from the school, sr. Class president of current class, director and 2 associate directors. If you have any academic skeletons in your closet it's better to disclose them up front, you will be asked about them. If you are clean, just be yourself. No technical questions are asked. Good luck!
  7. by   CVICU14
    Thanks for the feedback
  8. by   nurse_crna2b
    • Hello joy
    I was wondering if you could share your experience with your interview with FHCHS - could you share your stats?
  9. by   Jmgasman
    What Joy crna neglects to mention is that she is a close personal friend of the PD. 40 percent of the first class failed the boards and only 16 graduated in 2011. However, since PD was just terminated from her position owing to some unsavory and unethical practices the program is now in recovery mode. They have hired a new director who has a history of treating all students fairly and equally not just the ones known prior to starting the program that they hang out with on a personal basis. Do your research on this school it's all on paper.
  10. by   Stymes07
    The program director was just terminated? interesting news... When did this all take place. i did some research and found no information that substantiates the termination of said program director.... i would be curious to learn more
  11. by   Jmgasman
    How about calling and asking to speak to Kathy Wren 407-303-9331
  12. by   CVICU14
    Wait. Clarification. Dr. Wren was terminated?
  13. by   Jmgasman
    She was fired on Apr 24th. She is a disgrace. And quite possibly a sociopath too. The new director will take over in May.
  14. by   CVICU14
    Wowwwww. Does anyone know why she was fired?