Eggs in one basket - my chances? Eggs in one basket - my chances? | allnurses

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Eggs in one basket - my chances?

  1. 0 I am applying to Westminster College in UT in a couple weeks. I shadow a CRNA tomorrow and I'm starting to freak out! My story:

    NICU RN for 8 years in level III NICU with 54 beds. CCRN certified, and I participate in 2 committees. BLS, NRP, ACLS, PALS. I also volunteer on a committee with the March of Dimes. I have experience with ventilators, vasoactive drips, etc. and Westminster accepts NICU experience.

    Joined the Air National Guard a year ago doing disaster response as an RN. I have trained on performing intubations upside down inside busted out cars and putting in chest tubes, etc. It sounds awesome, but it's all training, no patient care (unless/until major disaster strikes).

    I received my nursing license from a non-traditional college (GPA 3.7). As a result, my credits only transfered to select universities. I obtained my BSN from Western Governors, a pass/no-pass grading system (leaving me with only a 3.0 GPA). Just took the GRE and got 149/155/3.5.

    Because I am in the Air National Guard (my spouse is too) we are tied to Utah and I can only apply at Westminster. If I don't get in, I will reevaluate... but I REALLY want to get in here! What do you think? What are my odds?
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    I believe you have a good shot. You should definitely get an interview at the very least. If you get an interview, be yourself, be prepared, and be confident.
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    The only thing I would worry about is your GPA. All the information sessions and advisors I have met said they don't consider you competitive unless you have at least a 3.6 GPA (this could be very different for other schools I'm just saying what I have been told). See if you can retake any science classes or math to boost your GPA, and have a phenomenal essay to accompany your application. I think if you can do those two things mentioned you are a very competitive candidate.
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    GPA is not the deciding factor for many schools but it is for some. It is the whole picture. Many students have a 3.6-4.0. It's experience and leadership qualities that also play a huge role.