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Hello, Just checking in with everybody starting in the Jan 2014 Drexel CRNA class. How is everyone doing in their core classes? I just signed up for Adv Pharm and the Info systems class for the... Read More

  1. by   SRNA4U
    I live in the suburbs of philadelphia which is way cheaper than living in the city and you get more space and it's much safer. For Christiana, the school selects who will interview and stay there. I'm at chrisitiana and we only rotate out for peds. All of the rest of the rotations are at Christiana. Christiana is the best clinical site Drexel has and you actually interview with the anesthesia group there. Drexel may select 12 people to interview buy they normally select 10 students but it was off this year that they selected 11 students from Drexel and 2 from Jefferson anesthesia program. When you graduate you are offered a job to stay at chrisitiana as long as there are no clinical issues and if you have a good attitude.
  2. by   Beachie27
    Wow! That's awesome! I live about 10-15 minutes south of Kent General. I love Christiana. It's an amazing hospital and I know the cardiac surgeons because they come to Beebe and cover call sometimes (Banbury, Nguyen, Blackwell*my favorite*).
  3. by   Marina35
    Hi Christina,
    I also applied for 2017. Doing post masters track since I already have MSN. Did you hear anything back? I am not sure when they will start interview process?
  4. by   Beachie27
    Hey! It's nice to hear from someone who is applying to the post masters 2017 class. I haven't heard anything yet.
  5. by   Beachie27
    What experience do you have? I'm super anxious!!! Where are you located?
  6. by   Marina35
    I have 14 years of ICU/CVICU experience, CCRN/ACLS/PALS/TNCC certification finished my MSN with GPA of 4.0 my undergrad 3.4. Golden key honor society/Sigma membership as well. Just passed AANP exam in March and want to continue on with post masters in anesthesia. I am located on the west coast… we can chat send me your email or phone I am so glad I found someone who is applying for 2017 too
  7. by   Beachie27
    Awesome! Your experience sounds perfect!

    Defintely keep me posted!

  8. by   Marina35
    Awesome I just emailed you lets hope we get in
  9. by   Marina35
    Just want to FU on this post. Both me and Christina got Accepted to Drexel CRNA program.
  10. by   Beachie27
    We sure did!!!!
  11. by   as1013

    1. Do you have any information regarding CRNA bonuses in the AF Reserve?

    2. From my research, it seems that new grad CRNA salaries start anywhere from $120-140k. I've heard that you can expect an increase of about 5% per year. Does this seem like a fairly common salary practice from what you've gathered so far?
  12. by   SRNA4U
    Hello, I've been off active duty since Nov 2013. When I was in, CRNAS were getting 50,000 bonuses every year. But now they have too many crnas so I'm not sure if they're still offering it. I just took a job in NYC in the south Bronx where they're are giving me a 10,000 bonus plus a yearly retention bonus. They have a really nice benefits package plus I don't have any call, no weekends, and no OB. The money us in Texas, Michigan , and Boston where crnas are making over 170,000 a year for base pay rate. Not including overtime and call. There are so any options but you have to find the place that suits you. For example, my primary clinical site is a level 1 trauma facility with 32 ORs. The place I'm going to in NYC is only 8 ORs and is a level 2 trauma facility. I'm looking for something of a slower pace.